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Life as a parent is so busy.

Do you feel that between balancing work and the kids you never get enough time together as a family?

You need time to relax, connect, and unwind.  Time to make the kind of memories that will last a lifetime and will inspire your kids to explore our beautiful world.

I’m Anita –

As a business owner, wife, and mum of three, I know just how precious family time is.  And how important great family holidays are for you and your kids.

I also know how hard it is to find the time to shop around.  There are so many review sites and options to look at these days, that trying to book a holiday can feel, quite simply, overwhelming.  With little enough time in the day to vacuum, let alone spend hours researching hotels,  it’s no surprise that all too often family holiday plans end up at the bottom of the “too hard” basket.


Family holidays should be spent making memories, not stressing about the logistics.

My story…

I was only a kid myself when my parents ignited my passion for travel by embarking on what was to become a five-year adventure.  As a family of six we explored Australia in and out – navigating  her highways and back roads to discover beaches, cities, outback and rainforests.

family time

Since then I’ve expanded my travel experience to include Asia, Europe & North America (read about my recent Alaska trip here), as well as a smattering of Pacific Islands and of course, a good chunk of my homeland New Zealand.  Now, with over a decade of travel industry experience under my belt and a family of my own, I make it my mission to help you create those magic family memories.

Whether you’re after relaxation, fun in the sun or a bold adventure, I work with you to create the best possible holiday experience for you, your kids and your budget.

Whatever your bag, I can help you pack it.

And the best part is, it won’t cost you a cent.  Airlines and resorts pay my fees, so you not only get the best travel deal but you also get the benefit of my experience and attention to detail to make sure your holiday runs like clockwork.  Family travel doesn’t have to be hard when you’ve got a dedicated broker on your team – I’ll even take care of any hiccups while you’re on the road.


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“Awesome thank you so much for everything Anita, you have been amazing and it wouldn’t have been possible to organise this trip without your help.”


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