What is a travel broker?

Travel Brokers are much the same as the travel agents you see in shops downtown, except that we tend to run our own businesses from home.  Burgess Travel Co. is supported by New Zealand’s top broker group, The Travel Brokers – a division of Helloworld.  They keep me up to date with the latest travel technology and provide excellent industry support so that I can focus on providing you with the best service on the front line.

Do you only book flights?

No! I can book pretty much every aspect of your trip – including flights, accommodation, car hire, tours, sightseeing, cruises, and ferries.  I can also organise your travel insurance and foreign exchange.

Is it cheaper to book online?

No!  99% of the time I can get the same deal (if not cheaper) than what you’ll find online. 

Think of using a travel broker the same way you would use an insurance broker – I know the product, have great resources and am efficient at looking around to see what deals are available.  I also have access to a range of wholesale rates and availability that aren’t generally available to the public.  


Where are you based?

I’m based in Ohope, in the Bay of Plenty of region of New Zealand, but I can book travel arrangements worldwide, regardless of where your home base is.

My clients are spread throughout New Zealand and I also have several in Australia, Europe and Canada. 

While it’s nice to catch up with clients face to face over a coffee, most of my work is done via email, phone or Facebook.  I’m also happy to arrange video meetings if you prefer to chat long distance in “person”.

Have another question?

Click on the blue speech bubble at the bottom of the screen and ask me!  If I’m not online to answer straight away I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Bigger enquiry?  Ring me on (021) 030 6384 or email me anita.burgess@thetravelbrokers.co.nz

For Your Peace of Mind

I belong to a number of travel organisations which can give you peace of mind you’re dealing with a professional!

TAANZ – Travel Agents’ Association of New Zealand

IATA – International Air Transport Association

CLIA – Cruise Lines International Association

Because there is no official government licensing for travel agents or brokers in New Zealand, the TAANZ organisation was set up as a self–regulating trade organisation to represent the travel agent, travel broker and tour operator distribution system in New Zealand. TAANZ and its members promote quality standards, ethical business practices, safe travel, unbiased options and professionalism throughout the travel industry.  You can read more about the benefits of working with a TAANZ broker here.


“Thank you so much for the excellent advice & arranging the bookings & tickets for my recent travel to/from the UK. They were ‘spot on’. The choice of airline & service were very good.”



“Hi Anita – We had the BEST time!!!! Thank you so much for everything!!! You were seriously spot on with everything! Your accommodation choices were absolutely perfect. Each of the hotels were in such great locations! So thank you so much!  Thanks so so much for helping us! You did such an awesome job.”

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