Family Travel

Explore a new way of travelling

If anyone has ever told you that travelling with kids in tow is impossible, they’re wrong.  It’s not only doable, but incredibly rewarding, and FUN!

The secret to successful family travel lies in adjusting your expectations – much like most of parenthood.   Choose the type of holiday that will suit your whole family, whether that’s a flop and drop resort or an activity-filled adventure.

It may be different to how you travelled pre-sprogs, but that’s okay.  At the end of the day, those days will come again, and in the meantime you get to introduce a whole new generation to the wonder of world travel.

How I Can Help

I’m a firm believer in getting the big picture sorted before we start looking at the details.  So at your first consultation, I’ll talk to you about your family’s needs, wishlist, things you like doing (things you don’t!) and put together some options from there.

Whether your kids have allergies, fears, special needs, or just want to take their favorite toy along, every family is different.

I’m a Mum too – and I know from experience that what may be one family’s dream vacation could spell disaster for another.  I’ll tailor-make your holiday for YOU, and will be there for you every step of the way.

What’s your family’s travel style?

Flop & Drop

Need a relaxing break?  Look out for resorts that offer Kids Clubs services.  You get to sit by the pool (cocktail optional) while the kids are entertained by trained staff with fun activities and excursions.  Kids Clubs are often included in the price of your accommodation for children aged 4+.

DESTINATIONS: Most beach resorts – Fiji, Gold Coast, Vanuatu, Mediterranean, Hawaii, Florida, Caribbean

Theme Parks

If you’ve got an active family this could be the way to go.  Usually better for kids aged 7+, a theme park holiday will give you non-stop thrills and plenty of opportunity for family bonding. Choose a themed park like SeaWorld or Legoland, or opt for a general one that will cover all the bases like Disney.

DESTINATIONS: Gold Coast, California, Florida, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, Spain, Brazil, Germany


For the more intrepid at heart, head off to explore new lands and cultures.  Travel independently or opt for one of the great family-focused tours on offer. You’ll get unique experiences with the security of an English-speaking guide. Fantastic for single parents who don’t want to travel alone.

DESTINATIONS: South East Asia, Africa, South America, China, India, Egypt, Morocco, Japan, Turkey 


Not just for the 50+ market, cruising is THE fastest growing holiday option for families around the world. A cruise is basically an all-inclusive resort that’s on the move – so you get multiple destinations with none of the inconvenience. Add in the kids clubs and great food, it’s a win-win!

DESTINATIONS: South Pacific, Alaska, Hawaii, Caribbean, Mediterranean, South East Asia, Scandanavia


Most airlines class children as being anyone aged 2-11 years (inclusive).


Child fares are usually 75% of the adult fare.


Babies (under 2) often travel free or for just 10% of the adult fare – providing they ride in your lap.

Most airlines will allow you to carry a stroller, carseat and/or portacot for free as well as the normal baggage allowance.


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