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Moira Hanna

Moira Hanna

Contract Scientist


TRAVEL STYLE:  Backpacker / Adventure


Thanks to Anita for organising a wonderful holiday. You are outstanding at what you do.

Travel Itinerary

May 2017 – 11 nights Morocco, 3 nights Amsterdam, 2 nights Hong Kong

Airline Review – Cathay Pacific

Efficient, clean, friendly.  Cabin crew had a great team ethic.

HONG KONG MARKETS   (image credit: Moira Hanna)
Urban Adventure Tours

Trip Highlights & Must-Do’s:

Experiencing a new country and its culture – Morocco was unlike anywhere we had been before. Some parts of it are completely untouched by the modern world – this was quite challenging, whilst also being rather refreshing and humbling.


Enjoy a hammam (steam bath) and massage as the locals do. It’s invigorating and quite purifying – but be prepared for lots of scrubbing and being sluiced by water !


Sit and try a new ale at one of the many brown houses. Watch the world go by on their bikes.


Order cuttlefish balls with noodles at a local noodle joint for $2.

Check out Hong Kong’s foodie scene for yourself with an Urban Adventures Kowloon Food Safari.

MOROCCO DOOR   (image credit: Moira Hanna)

Favourite Foodie Adventure:

Fresh sardines – grilled over charcoal and eaten with the local fishermen in Essouaira on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.  

For more Moroccan foodie experiences check out this review of a Marrakesh Food Tour.

Top Travel Tip:

Book a small group tour – you’ll see so much more, experience so much more and, most importantly, you’ll get to meet and talk with locals. Why go to a country just to tick off activities in a guide book ? The culture is embedded in its people – the language, the way they live, the things they do everyday. Talk to them and experience a snapshot into their lives – this will create memories that linger longer than your Instagram feed.

DYE PITS IN FEZ, MOROCCO   (image credit: Moira Hanna)



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Thanks Moira for the fantastic feedback!

Have you been travelling lately and want to share your experiences (good or bad)?  Drop me a line or comment below for your chance to be featured in this blog series.



  • Auckland to Paris via Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific
  • Paris to Casablanca with Air France
  • Marrakech to Amsterdam with Air Maroc
  • Amsterdam to Auckland via Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific


All transport and accommodation throughout Morocco was organised by Intrepid Travel as part of their 10-day ‘Real Food Adventure – Morocco‘ tour.  The small group tour also included special experiences such as a Medina Tasting Trail, home-cooked meals in Moulay Idriss and Aroumd, cooking demonstrations and visits to local wineries, farms and marketplaces.

The tour runs from March through to November.

Intrepid Travel also have Morocco Sahara Desert tours available.


Accommodation in Amsterdam and Hong Kong was booked via Air BNB.

To book this trip as a complete package email me your names and preferred dates of travel.  For more information on what you need to book a family holiday check out this article.



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